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One of the biggest risks facing many of emerging and well-seasoned athletes is progressive damage to their hip joints forcing an early end to their sports careers and developing arthritis of the hip, eventually requiring joint replacement.

Athletes can experience Pain and stiffness for a number of reasons with the most debilitating of these as a result of a mechanical disorder of the hip joint. Sports Hip Injury including Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) typically occurs where there is abnormal or excessive bony growth on either (or both) of the ‘ball’ or ‘socket’ structures of the hip joint.

Repetitive and high-intensity sporting activity and excessive loading during skeletal maturation causes the structures of the hip joint to develop abnormally. Because of this, athletes involved in sports requiring a lot of twisting, turning or running for example are particularly vulnerable.

Mr. Carton specialises in hip surgery in athletes at all levels from recreational (gym/fitness) to competitive (club, inter-county, national, international). Having performed almost 2,000 hip preservation surgeries he is the country’s leading expert in the ‘Sports Hip Repair’.




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Conor Niland – Former Ireland number 1 Tennis Player

"My hip surgery in 2013 at the Whitfield Clinic was very successful and has greatly helped my mobility since."

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Seadna Morey – Clare senior hurler

"I am delighted with the treatment received from Mr.Carton and all the Whitfield Staff. I haven't had any problems with my Hips after returning from both surgeries. Mr.Carton and his physios were very helpful with all the rehab and can notice the benefits of the surgery once I returned to the field. Delighted to be back playing at the highest level pain free."

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Don Cowan – Longford Town FC

“I can confirm that I am back playing since March with no problem. From the first day I entered the clinic I was provide with excellent service from doctor Carton and his staff. They were and absolute joy to work with, they couldn't do enough for me."

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